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The setting up of a trust is an effective way to prevent the savings you wish to pass onto your children from being depleted due to taxes or other costs. Also, the money can be set aside in trusts to be used at a later date for their education or special needs.

When putting together a trust, you can specifically decide how the money is to be used. If you have concerns that the beneficiary will not spend the money wisely, you can put a spendthrift clause in the trust language that will control how the money is to be spent at any given time.

An Attorney Who Will Follow Up With You

Creation of such a document is only part of the services that the Law Offices of Josh Copeland will provide when you come to us concerning the creation of a trust. While this is an important task, creating a trust serves no purpose if the trust is not adequately funded.

We do not simply create a trust and send you on your way. The staff at our law firm will continually follow up with you to make certain the trust continues to serve the purpose for which it was prepared. As an attorney, it is the intent of lawyer Josh Copeland to effectuate what you want to do when you came to him to create a trust.

Trusts And Estate Planning

If prepared correctly, a trust can be put into place that will allow your estate to be passed on to your family without the assets first having to go through the probate process. This can in many circumstances allow your children to inherit the assets without tax liabilities.

Trust law is complex and there are a large variety of trusts that can be created for you pertaining to estate planning. It's because there are so many options available that it's good to speak with a knowledgeable attorney to make certain the correct trust is created. At the Law Offices of Josh Copeland we will take into account your individual matter and work with you to make certain the right kind of trust is created.

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