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The probate process is designed to prove who should inherit property left behind by a deceased individual. It often involves an executor going to probate court to demonstrate the validity of a will. Every state has its own set of probate laws, and Oklahoma is no exception. The probate process is complicated. The liquidation of assets in the estate, for example, may need to be handled in a manner approved by the court. When not handled correctly, beneficiaries may be deprived of property and gifts that rightfully should be theirs.

The Law Offices of Josh Copeland will make the probate process as easy for you as is possible. Attorney Josh Copeland will handle the entire matter for you. He keeps himself informed regarding all changes to Oklahoma law and is extremely comfortable with meeting all probate deadlines.

Josh often closes estates quickly through a technique called summary administration. However, performing a summary administration can be difficult as it requires going through a number of procedural steps. Because Josh understands this procedure in such detail, he can conduct a quick closing through summary administration at extremely affordable rates.

A Firm That Handles Large And Small Probate Estate Cases

While we are told that the average Oklahoma resident owns a $150,000 home and one or two retirement accounts, there really is no such thing as a typical client who comes into our offices. Lawyer Josh Copeland regularly handles probate matters for both large and small estates. However, whatever the size of the estate, each probate case has its own unique set of requirements that needs specific attention.

There are greater requirements concerning probating larger estates than smaller ones. However, due to his knowledge and skills, Josh often is able to have these larger estates treated under Oklahoma small-estate laws and procedures.

Helping Out-Of-State Individuals With Oklahoma Probate Matters

Josh Copeland regularly is retained by out-of-state individuals who own or have some particular interest in Oklahoma that is the subject of a probate matter. Josh will advise such individuals regarding their best legal options under Oklahoma law.

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